‘Have Gun Will Travel’ returns to Encore Westerns Channel

Fans of classic TV westerns will be pleased to learn that the Encore Westerns Channel recently added Have Gun Will Travel to it’s weekday lineup ( M-F 6:36pm  pst). Have Gun Will Travel, which originally ran six seasons on CBS (1957-1963),  stars Richard Boone as Paladin, the gun for hire, whose business card inspired  the name of the series. Paladin was much different from the traditional western  hero…he was an intellectual with deep knowledge in history and literature, and  obviously made a comfortable living for his services .Often, at the program’s  opening, Paladin would be shown living large in his 1870’s San Francisco  residence, the Carlton Hotel, appearing in formal clothes, perhaps dressed for  the opera. But when he accepted a job, he would easily shift to his familiar,  all black attire.

What Paladin did have in common with all other western good guys was a  strong moral compass. It wasn’t unusual for him to switch sides in a conflict,  if he found his employer to be in the wrong, and, as one would expect from a  lead character, he was unbeatable with both gun and fist, although he preferred  to settle issues with his brain.

Since Encore westerns generally run episodes in their original running  order, it’s still possible to view the first season of programs, and since there  were 225 half hour shows filmed, Encore Western could, if they choose, present  the show for almost a full year, without having to broadcast a repeat. Not to be  overlooked, is Have Gun Will Travel’s memorable theme, sung by Johnny Western.