‘World War II in HD’ airs on The History Channel

Attack on Pearl HarborAlthough it took America’s armed forces four years to bring World War II to  a successful conclusion, viewers can experience World War II in a single day  when The History Channel airs all ten one-hour episodes of its mini-series “World War II in HD,” on Saturday, February 27th, starting at 1 pm. World War II  has been the subject of countless documentaries, but “World War II in HD” gives  it a fresh new look, using immersive high definition color and utilizing film  culled from thousands of hours of footage taken from historical archives and  private collections. The series, originally shown in November, 2009, is narrated  by Gary Sinese.

Accompanying the visual images of World War II are the true experiences of a  dozen different solders, whose diaries and war journals tell their personal war  stories. As the war’s larger events are chronicled, we’re introduced to  individuals such as an army nurse who served in the North African campaign  through to the liberation of the concentration camps, a young African American  man who became a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, and the son of Japanese  immigrants who ended up captured and imprisoned in Europe. The writings of these  12 veterans are brought to life by the voices of several Hollywood  personalities, including LL Cool J, Rob Lowe, Amy Smart and Rob Corddry.

The ten hours of “World War II in HD” moves from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima,  covers the European and Pacific theaters, and chronicles the major battles at  both land and sea. But the real star of this documentary is the color film,  which illuminates the wartime landscape, and makes World War II come alive like  never before. If nothing else, the footage gives viewers a much better  understanding of what kind of conditions U.S. soldiers had to live through day  after day…they were called “The Greatest Generation” for a  reason.