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I’m Brian Daley (hence the clever domain name) and  I  happen to be cursed with the ability to remember almost everything that I have witnessed during my increasingly lengthy lifetime. Fortunately, a lot of what I have retained is actually fascinating, and through this website, I can share information and insights gathered during a lifetime of reading books, watching too much television, and asking my elders countless annoying questions. Although I would not consider myself an expert or a scholar in the multitude of categories that I write about, my work is always factual, informative, and hopefully entertaining. Any subject, person or event that appears on The Daley Planet will always be something that I not only know a great deal about, but care a lot about as well, even when I may seem to be poking fun at it. Among my main interests are history, sports, movies, classic television and popular music, with a large degree of specialization within those categories. As opinionated as I tend to be, I certainly do not consider myself the final word on anything, and one of the great joys is exchanging viewpoints or obtaining additional information related to whatever is covered.


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  1. I wish you hadn’t closed off the Brick ‘O Gold comments because I certainly had one. It blew my mind to hear you give a visual tour of a place I entered many times but barely remember, even though we must be very close in age.
    It also blew my mind to see Steve mention Dan Nichols (R.I.P.), who was a “friend” – must be careful with that word – and fellow band-mate for many years. If one spent more than two hours with Dan, a crime would likely be committed in front of your eyes. If you survived car rides while he was the driver, you counted yourself lucky. A mid-century Millbrae icon, as was Mrs. Nichols, and almost always absent pop, Bill, lead photographer for the Examiner. He’s the one who came up with the idea to put a large photo of the Glen Kusich-led tree fort in the paper, with various local characters hanging in it. Incidentally, you were dead right about Brick ‘O Gold candy being destined for possible consumption in the Millbrae theatre! We stuffed out pockets with it on the way to the upper loge seats! Them was bitchen’ days.

    1. Ken: On the “Daley Planet” home page, you’ll see a category box…among the categories is “Millbrae”, which, when clicked, will bring you to several articles I’ve written that have a local theme. I think you’d appreciate the Nov. 2012 piece a did about local rock bands, since you made a reference to Dan Nichols being a one-time band mate.

  2. Hi Brian- I just discovered your articles on Millbrae . Great job- i love them. I forwarded a couple links to my lifelong friend John Ellery and he enjoyed them.

    I finally remember my adventures on Pinehurst Court which include the very first time driving a car. A Nissan route home by scooter Cushing’s dad who was a Regional Manager for Nissan motors . As you may know Scooter passed away a couple of years ago after a very accomplished career working for the Congress. I also learned that Tim a.k.a. mad man river I also learned that Tim a.k.a. Mad Man Rivers passed away as well. Lots of memories with both of those guys .

    Hope all is going well for you !


    1. Mark…Great to hear from you, and sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, I learned of Scooter’s passing about three years after he died. I always assumed he and I would hook up some day, and I was doubly saddened. Beyond Pinehurst, I vividly recall our Meadows softball games on the blacktop. and having to pitch to you from 3rd base, due to you being left-handed, and right-field not being open. I hope you read the latest article about the “Fugitive”. So hello to John Ellery…He was in my sister Patrice’s class. Brian

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